Degrees and Certifications:

PhD in Spanish Peninsular Literature - UT Austin (2005) MA in Latin American Literature (and Foreign Language Teaching) - University of Delaware (1998) BA in English Literature - University of Granada, Spain (1996) Exams passed towards teaching certification: LOTE Spanish EC-12 EC-12 PPR ESL Supplemental

Dr. Rocio Ocon-Garrido

Born in Granada, in a family that values foreign languages, I learned French, English and Latin before finishing high school. Then, I got my BA in English Literature at the University of Granada. I love reading!!! When I was finishing my BA, I went with an exchange program to University of Delaware (to teach Spanish and improve my English). It was going to be only for 4 months, but I stayed a little bit longer on this side of the ocean! I love travelling and reading, so it looked like a great plan to stay and get my Masters in LatinAmerican Literature (and Foreign Language Teaching). However, after finishing my MA, my professors tempted me and told me I should go for my PhD (which I completed at UT). There I met a nice Texan guy... and the rest is history!

Now I enjoy sharing my passion for learning languages, and reading fiction with my students. I hope we will all have fun this year in class.

If you want to see a detailed plan of my classes and assignments, go into my Google Classrooms. There is more academic information on those sites. The updated codes for my google classrooms are attached to my 22-23 schedule (you can find it at the upper left corner of this text).