Degrees and Certifications:

PhD in Spanish Peninsular Literature - UT Austin (2005) MA in Latin American Literature (and Foreign Language Teaching) - University of Delaware (1998) BA in English Literature - University of Granada, Spain (1996) Exams passed towards teaching certification: LOTE Spanish EC-12 EC-12 PPR ESL Supplemental

Dr. Rocio Ocon-Garrido

Born in Granada, in a family that values foreign languages, I learned French, English and Latin before finishing high school. Then, I got my BA in English Literature at the University of Granada. I love reading!!! When I was finishing my BA, I went with an exchange program to University of Delaware (to teach Spanish and improve my English). It was going to be only for 4 months, but I stayed a little bit longer on this side of the ocean! I love travelling and reading, so it looked like a great plan to stay and get my Masters in LatinAmerican Literature (and Foreign Language Teaching). However, after finishing my MA, my professors tempted me and told me I should go for my PhD (which I completed at UT). There I met a nice Texan guy... and the rest is history!

Now I enjoy sharing my passion for learning languages, and reading fiction with my students. I hope we will all have fun this year in class.

If you want to see a detailed plan of my classes and assignments, go into my Google Classrooms. There is more academic information on those sites.