Online Assignments

  • Students,

    You have been doing an amazing job with our distance learning! I realize this has been a very difficult time for a lot you and that most of you REALLY miss seeing each other. If you haven't joined us on Wednesdays for class meetings, you should go to Google classroom and find the link. We do a little bit of English, a whole lot of talking, and some crazy Kahoots.

    Some of you were wanting more bookes to read over the summer, so check out this link: 

    I can't wait to see you again in the fall!

    Mrs. Harrison


    Just in case you don't remember how to check your student email:

    1st Period Pre-AP English: nshxzsf

    2nd Period Pre-AP English: 4wzo7bf (lowercase "O", not zero)

    3rd Period Pre-AP English: omeqifk (lowercase "O", not zero)

    5th Period Pre-AP English: muew3lu (lowercase "L", not 1)

    6th Period English: lgockve (lowercase "L", not 1)

    7th Period Pre-AP English: ebfzgke

    Some students are saying that they can't access materials and it may be because they are going to Google Classroom without logging in to Launchpad. Probably not an issue for most of what we are doing in English right now, but they won't be able to follow links to BrainPop, Discovery Ed, etc. that they might need in other classes.

    How to Sign in to Launchpad

Mrs. Harrison



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Mrs. Harrison

Greetings Lopez Panthers!

I grew up in Arlington, TX, graduated from Texas A&M University, and was a substitute in Bryan, TX, while my husband finished his master's degree in Structural Engineering at A&M. We moved to San Antonio in 1997 when he found a job doing blast resistant structural design, yes, he gets to blow stuff up. Most people think my husband's job is the exciting one, but I know the truth. Teaching is where one can find real excitement! Each day brings new ideas, challenges, and triumphs for teachers and students. I taught 8th grade at Eisenhower Middle School then 4th grade at Huebner Elementary School. After taking a few years off to focus on being a mom, I returned to teaching middle school at Lopez.  Every day I am honored to work with teachers and staff who love what they do, and I look forward to sharing this year with your child. 

Class Schedule

  • First Period (8:25-9:15) - Pre-AP ELA

    Second Period (9:19-10:06) - Pre-AP ELA

    Third Period (10:10-10:56) - Pre-AP ELA

    Lunch (11:00-11:30)

    Fourth Period (11:34-12:20) - Conference

    Fifth Period (12:24-1:10) - Pre-AP ELA

    Sixth Period (1:14-2:00) - ELA

    Seventh Period (2:04-2:50) - Pre-AP ELA

    Eighth Period (2:54-3:40) - AIM