"JROTC is a student led program challenging students to do their personal best in a variety of environments from academia to physical fitness. Cadets achieve success by using leadership and teamwork skills to cooperate with their peers while developing discipline and confidence.  

    Instructors guide cadets by encouraging physical training, teaching classes, and one on one mentoring to ensure a lifetime of success and accomplishment of their goals.   

    This program is centered on strict standards of personal hygiene, cadet accountability, school and community support setting the conditions for a professional student atmosphere where cadets mature to be future leaders."

    JROTC enables students:

    • To appreciate the values and principles that build good citizenship.
    • To be able to think logically and communicate effectively with others.
    • To appreciate the importance of physical fitness in maintaining good health.
    • To understand the importance of high school graduation for a successful future, and learn about college and other advanced educational and employment opportunities.
    • To develop mental management abilities.
    • To become familiar with military history as it relates to America's culture, and understand the history, purpose and structure of military services.
    • To develop the skills necessary to work effectively as a member of a team.