Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's degree in English/Secondary Certification Master's degree in Educational Leadership

Ilysa Morales

Welcome! This will be my 22nd year of teaching, and this will be my 17th year at LEE. I have a Bachelor's degree in English/Secondary Certification from UTSA, as well as a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from UTSA. My husband and I are the proud parents of two beautiful children. We also enjoy travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to having your child in my class.

Class Schedule

  •  2021-22


    Period 1 English III-8:50-9:42

    Period 2 English III-9:47-10:37

    Period 3 English I GT-10:42-11:32

    Period 4 Lunch-11:37-12:27

    Period 5 English III-12:32-1:22

    Period 6 English III-1:27-2:17

    Period 7 English III-2:22-3:12

    Period 7 Wrap Up-3:12-3:25

    Period 8 Conference-3:30-4:20


    Period 1 English III-8:50-9:35

    Period 2 English III-9:40-10:25

    Period 3 English I GT-10:30-11:15

    Period 4 Lunch-11:19-12:04

    Period 5 English III-12:08-12:53

    Period 6 English III-12:57-1:42

    Period 7 English III-1:46-2:31

    Period 8 Conference-2:35-3:20


    Period 1 English III-8:50-9:37

    Period 2 English III-9:42-10:27

    LEE Time10:32-11:17

    Period 3 English I GT-11:22-12:07

    Period 4 Lunch-12:12-12:57

    Period 5 English III-1:02-1:47

    Period 6 English III-1:52-2:37

    Period 7 English III-2:42-3:27

    Period 8 Conference 3:32-4:20


    *Tutoring Times: Wednesday & Thursday 8:15-8:45