• Separation of Employment

    NEISD considers its employees to be its most valuable resource. As a result, the District is committed to identifying and implementing strategies that will allow for the retention of a highly competent workforce. The use of separation interviews as a tool for gathering information regarding the experience of employees leaving the organization is critical in the development and implementation of recruitment and retention strategies. In order to facilitate the collection of information, the District has developed a separation process to be used by all District departments.

    Submitting a Resignation or Retirement

    1. Prior to submitting a resignation online, an employee should inform their direct supervisor.

    2. Log in to Employee Center

    3. Under Employee > Manage My Profile, click on Update Personal Information

    4. Click on Edit Profile, then the Resign button at the top of the page

    5. Fill in all required fields.

    Reason = If you are retiring via TRS or ERS, use the R-Retirement reason and enter a retirement date. This is how you indicate your intentions to retire to the district. Otherwise, choose the most appropriate reason.

    Resignation Date = Last day of work

    Date of Notice = Today's date

    6. When the request has been received and approved by your manager and Human Resources, you will receive an email confirmation.

    Exit Survey

    Employees resigning from the District are offered the opportunity to participate in a voluntary and confidential exit survey regarding the employee’s experience during their employment and to help improve our recruitment and retention of staff.  Upon submitting a resignation, employees will also be prompted to complete an online Exit Survey. All exit survey data will be maintained confidentially by the Human Resources Department.

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