• Welcome to our Bids page!

    We have officially launched our electronic bidding system, North East ISD eBids, provided by Ionwave Technologies.  Listed below are our current bid opportunities.  Some opportunities will be completed electronically and others will be completed via paper.  Paper bids must be submitted in person or by mail in a sealed envelope to the address listed on the cover page of the bid.

    We appreciate your patience as we transition from paper to electronic bids.  Our goal is to have all of our bids done electronically. 

Open Bid Opportunities

  • Extended Response Bids

    Extended Response Bids allow NEISD to receive bid responses and add vendors to the awarded bid list during the active term of the bid.  These bids are opened every Friday at 9:00 AM CST.

    Awards will be made to multiple vendors on an incremental basis during the solicitation offering period. Vendors are encouraged to submit responses as soon as possible. As proposal responses are received on a periodic basis, they will be opened, evaluated, and either accepted or rejected by the district, based on the criteria outlined within the request for proposal. Awards will be made throughout the open period of this solicitation and will be made upon acceptance of a proposal response. Applicants will then be notified of the district’s decision.

  • Construction Bids

    Construction Bid Opportunities are coordinated and maintained by our Construction Management & Engineering Department.  Visit our Construction Bid Opportunities page to learn about available opportunities.