Conflict of Interest

  • Per Local Government Code Chapter 176 - Disclosure of Certain Relationships with Local Government Officers:  Providing Public Access to Certain Information, all school districts are required to obtain and make available to the public all conflict of interest forms for the Local Government Officers and any vendors/individuals who do business with the school District.  Local Government Officers are defined as, “School Board Trustees, Superintendents, and school district employees or agents who exercise discretion in the planning, recommending, selecting, or contracting of a vendor”. 

    Annually the NEISD Internal Audit Department conducts a review of employee relationships with vendors to determine whether existing or potential conflicts of interest are inherent with the employee’s assigned duties and responsibilities, and to determine if district employees are complying with NEISD Board Policies DBD(LOCAL)(PDF), DBD (LEGAL)(PDF), and Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176 regarding conflict of interest. A survey of employees is used to facilitate this review.

    The Procurement & eCommerce Department takes the following measures to discover and disclose any conflict of interests:

    • A Conflict of Interest Disclosure is included with every bid solicitation.  Bidders are asked to complete and return the form along with their bid response submittal.
    • Semi-annually, the Procurement & eCommerce Department compares the Employee and Vendor databases to locate any potential conflict of interests not disclosed. 
  • Board Member/Superintendent

    To view a Board Member's Conflict of Interest Disclosure, visit our Board Information webpage.

    To view the Superintendent's Conflict of Interest Disclosure, visit our Superintendent's webpage.

  • Change/Update in Relationship Status

    If at any time during the year your relationship with a vendor and/or a district employee changes, please let us know.  Vendors and employees are legally required to notify and update the District by the seventh business day after the date in which the vendor/employee becomes aware of the facts that require the filing of an updated or new disclosure.  Failure to do so is considered a Class C Misdemeanor offense.

    District Employees: Complete the following form and return it to the Office of Procurement & eCommerce: Local Government Officer Conflict of Interest Statement (PDF)

    Vendors:  Complete the following form and return it to the Office of Procurement & eCommerce:  Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ)