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  • Flyers- Distribution of Nonschool Literature

    The Procurement & eCommerce Department is responsible for approving non-NEISD organization flyers for distribution at our campuses. Flyers are reviewed by the Executive Director of Procurement & eCommerce.

    Requesting Approval:

    Non-NEISD organizations need to complete the following Google Form and upload to this Google Form, a sample PDF copy of the flyer they wish to distribute:


    Missing attachments will delay the process of approval.  Please allow up to 2 days for the approval.  Vendors will be notified via email of the approval/denial.  An official letter is included in the email, this letter is proof the flyer was reviewed and serves as authorization for the organization to request distribution at our campuses.  

    Non-NEISD organizations must understand participation by district campuses is entirely at the discretion of the Campus Principal, or their designee.

    NEISD is not responsible for the subject content and does not warrant the information, products, or services provided.  Any purchase and/or agreements made are between the vendor and employee and/or purchaser.

    For further clarification, please refer to Board Policy GKDA(local)- Distribution of Nonschool Literature.

    Questions may be directed to the Procurement & eCommerce Department, 210-407-0175 or email us at