• School Colors: Navy Blue/Gold
    Year Opened: 2007

    Fight Song:
    We show our Panther Pride
    Waving our navy and gold
    We love to lead and guide
    We are so brave, strong, tough, and bold
    Go Panthers!

    Our legend will be told
    We march on side by side
    Our honor defend

    We'll fight to the end

    For Panther Pride! 

    Lopez 2020 

    Lopez 2020 is the systemic channeling of the Lopez Middle School community into focused and sustained action to achieve the shared goals that will propel Lopez Middle School into a world-class educational center by the year 2020 in six key vision areas.

    Guiding growth towards individuality

     Lopez Middle School caters to the changing needs of students in these formative years. Our school addresses the delicate and crucial developmental stages, which promotes learning, personal growth and self-confidence, eases the transition from elementary to middle school, and then prepares the student for high school.

    The school is designed to separate the different grade levels, academics and electives.  This creates structures where the particular needs of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls and boys can be met in a smaller learning community. Lopez Middle School provides an environment where intellectual risk-taking can occur and optimal academic outcomes are achieved.

    Goal One

    To raise students’ aspirations, creativity, and achievement levels, thereby empowering them to develop to their fullest potential.

    Goal Two

    To ensure that curriculum and teaching support the college and career needs of the students. 

    Goal Three

    To develop and enhance teaching and learning through the use and application of relevant technology.

    Goal Four

    To develop a school culture that encourages positive values, self-esteem and a sense of community, while emphasizing multicultural awareness creating global citizens.

    Goal Five

    To maintain a safe environment with outstanding facilities and resources that support teaching and learning.

    Goal Six

    To employ, develop, and retain a highly professional, qualified teaching staff.


    Lopez embodies…