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NEISD Students Win Big in SAFD Poster Contest

This year, a number of NEISD students submitted poster entries to the annual San Antonio Fire Safe poster contest.  This contest was open to all students, from Pre-K to 12th grade, and offered multiple divisions based on age to allow for a number of winners.  NEISD accounted for 6 of the 18 possible winning entries – a huge accomplishment for our students!

Division 1 (Pre-K/Kinder) - 1st place winner from Castle Hills Elementary
Division 2 (1st/2nd) - 3rd place winner from Olmos Elementary
Division 3 (3rd/4th) - 3rd place winner from Castle Hills Elementary
Division 4 (5th/6th) - 3rd place winner from Coker Elementary
Division 5 (7th/8th) - 1st place winner from Krueger Middle School
Division 6 (High School) - 3rd place winner from Roosevelt HS

Congratulations to all winning students!

Work by Zachariah, Castle Hills Elementary Division 1 Winner:
Div 1 winner

Work by Elizabeth, Roosevelt High School Division 6 Winner:
Roosevelt Winning Entry

Work by Alyssa, Krueger Middle School Division 5 Winner:
Krueger Winning Entry