Welcome to Management Information Services

  • Management Information Services (MIS) is comprised of Data Processing and Telecommunications.  MIS-Data Processing oversees all student and employee information applications and software. We develop web applications that simplify District processes. The MIS Department manages the Skyward Student Information System, Family Access, Student Portal, Online Registration, and Employee Portal. MIS also assists in the management of Employee Center which includes Lawson Business, Employee Space, and Lawson ESS. NEISD's PEIMS department is also housed within the Management Information Services Department and works in tandem with other departments to accurately report data to the State of Texas.

    MIS-Telecommunications oversees, manages, repairs, and updates the NEISD VoIP phone system across the District and all NEISD campuses. We ensure that all systems are up to date and in working order.

Management Information Services Staff Directory

  • All
  • Andres Arguelles
  • Andrew Ryse
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Cassandra Chapa
  • Christina Guillet
  • Daniel Hidalgo
  • Jason Worden
  • Jennifer Ramirez
  • Jesse Melendez
  • Kelly Woodcock
  • Lisa Mecke
  • Lori Stillings
  • Marcos Zorola
  • Margaret Villesca
  • Martha Silva
  • Michael Holguin
  • Michelle Evans
  • Michelle Zhang
  • Nicholas Moryl
  • Nita Roy
  • Paulino Paredes
  • Pete Garza
  • Roy Lopez
  • Ruben Sanchez
  • Sandy Ortiz
  • Stacia Hitzfelder
  • Stephanie Tucker
  • Tammy Casas
  • Terri Casey
  • Terrie Buck
  • Timothy Broughton
  • All
  • Admin Asst to Executive Director, MIS
  • Automated Process Technician
  • Data Base Administrator
  • Data Processing Floater
  • Data Processing Specialist
  • Data Processor Floater
  • Data Quality PEIMS Processor
  • Director, Financial Information Systems
  • Director, Student Information Applications
  • Director, Web Apps Development
  • Executive Director, MIS
  • PEIMS Coordinator
  • PEIMS Data Processor
  • RAMEC Data Center Operations Manager
  • Senior Director, MIS
  • SQL Database Developer
  • Sr Systems Analyst/Programmer, Student Applications
  • Sr. Systems Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Analyst/Programmer
  • Systems Analyst/Programmer II (Student)
  • Telecom Manager
  • Telecom Specialist
  • Telecom Technician
  • Web Applications Developer
  • All
  • Management Information Services
  • MIS
  • Telecommunications

Contact MIS

Marcos Zorola

Executive Director

Phone: 210-407-0204
Fax: 210-804-7286

Lisa Mecke

Senior Director

Phone: 210-407-0218
Fax: 210-804-7286

Lori Stillings

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

Phone: 210-407-0204
Fax: 210-805-1282


Department Directors

Andres Arguelles

Director, Web Applications Development

Phone: 210-407-0229
Email: aargue1@neisd.net

Terri Casey

Director, Student Information Systems

Phone: 210-407-0212
Email: tcasey1@neisd.net

Kelly Woodcock

Director, Financial Information Systems

Phone: 210-407-0213
Email: kwoodc@neisd.net

Antonio Garcia

Applications Administrator, RAMEC Building

Phone: 210-407-0203
Email: agarci@neisd.net

Michael Holguin

Telecom Manager

Phone: 210-407-0031
Email: mholgu@neisd.net