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NEISD is committed to providing rigorous, TEKS-based instruction to all students in a virtual instructional setting. We recognize that this may be a challenging year, but we are embracing the opportunity to expand and maximize learning for all students as our highest priority. Based on your survey feedback from the spring semester, we have made numerous adjustments and modified our virtual instructional framework to meet the needs of all students. To that end, we will offer virtual instruction during the first three-weeks of the 2020-21 school year. This includes live face-to-face virtual instruction, two instructional platforms, and a detailed instructional schedule. We piloted this enhanced virtual learning model during our Summer School program as a proof of our concept. We have continued to amplify our virtual learning model based on your feedback and suggestions.

Asynchronous Learning Plan (Available only during school-closures)

During the times when NEISD campuses are *100% virtual, students will have the option to participate in **asynchronous learning. After reviewing the feedback from the community, we have adjusted our learning plan to provide the flexibility necessary for working parents. Teachers will record their lessons and post them to either Seesaw or Google Classroom for parents and students to review at a time that is convenient for the family. We recommend that parents and students still adhere to the synchronous daily minutes notated on the sample schedules (15 minutes per content area for elementary). For attendance purposes, students will be required to turn in their daily assignments by the end of the day. This will allow students to be counted present which is essential for them to receive credit for their courses/classes. When it has been deemed safe for schools to reopen, students and parents will have a choice between in person learning or virtual learning. This model of fully asynchronous learning may not be available when schools reopen for in-person instruction.

*100% virtual occurs when the state or local authorities require all students to learn from home.

**Students still have the opportunity to join synchronous learning when it is convenient for the family’s daily schedule. For example, if a parent works until noon, students can join synchronous learning during the afternoon sessions.


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