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Classroom Supplies


1) PENCILS: Sometimes students prefer mechanical pencils and that’s perfectly fine. I would just suggest having extra lead of the same size for back up. Also, maybe have an extra eraser at hand.

2) Plastic 3 Prong Folder of any color: The plastic ones last longer as we build our "notebooks" throughout the year. I make our notes/worksheets so that we can add them to the folder as we go, rather than having students copy all of the notes by hand or having to cut and paste worksheets into a journal.

3) 1'' Binder with 5 Dividers: This year I am implementing the use of a binder to help students keep themselves more organized. We will label each of the 5 dividers a different category so that students know where to find their important documents. It will stay in the classroom, while the folder can go back and forth from school to home if a student wishes.

4) Kleenex: Tissues are a bonus. Allergies and the Saharan Dust have no mercy on us therefore tissues are always welcomed! 😊