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Visual Arts

Jessica Gonzales

Visual Art Director




Major in Visual Arts

North East School of the Arts Visual Art

"Art is a language, instrument of knowledge, instrument of communication."

- Jean Debuffet

NESA's Visual Arts program stimulates intellectual and emotional growth in students who possess above average talent for art and have a passion to pursue art as a career choice. The making of art is characterized by an interaction of reason and emotion, of logic and creativity, of fact and feeling. The VA program serves young artists who are alert, critical, introspective, and receptive to challenging possibilities.

VA graduates are currently succeeding in a wide range of conservatory programs and liberal arts colleges, including Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Maryland Institute College of Art, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Art & Design, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Kansas City Art Institute, Otis School of Design, Memphis College of Art & Design, UT Austin, Texas Tech University, Columbus College of Art & Design, Savannah College of Art & Design, Stephen F. Austin University, Ringling College of Art & Design, Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Arts, New York, College for Creative Studies, Laguna College of Art & Design, Moore College of Art & Design, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Alberta College of Art & Design, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, and Rochester Institute of Technology.




Our artists gain an understanding of aesthetics, a knowledge of art history, and practical experience in numerous artistic genres. Students study two- and three-dimensional formats and apply theoretical and practical problem solving skills. Coursework covers the elements of design, color, media, traditional and contemporary painting techniques, still-life and figure drawing, techniques of clay work, firing techniques for ceramics, and introduction to 35mm black and while photography.


Coursework Includes...

  • Investigation of painting techniques, media, and attitude to master the application of traditional painting techniques while applying elements of art, design, and color.
  • Still-life and figure painting, building a stronger basic understanding of art aesthetics while developing a greater foundation for future study in art history.
  • 2D and 3D formats with a special focus on the application of problem-solving skills through the use of a variety of media.
  • Techniques used in clay work including: coil, slab building, casting and sculpting, as well as a variety of firing techniques for ceramics.
  • Introduction to technical and mechanical aspects of 35mm black/white film, learning to develop, process, print, and produce quality photographs to create works of art through photography.
  • Workshops with professional artists.
  • Participation in National Portfolio Day Review and other competitions.
  • Display of art in NEISD and the greater San Antonio community.
  • Advanced students will develop a basic understanding of the human figure through an intensive visual study of the human form, emphasizing human muscle and skeletal structure.

Each student will develop a journal of ideas, plans, and drawings that will help them create stronger works of art. Students will work to develop a strong professional portfolio for competition, college admission, and professional employment.