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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in World Religion - University of Georgia; Master of Education in Teaching - Schreiner University; 1-8 Generalist; K-12 Special Education

Mr. Eric Gerber

My AVID Classroom is a unique and inviting environment.  In this room, we break down walls that separate us.  We treat each other with dignity and respect.  We come to rely on one another for support and encouragement.  We become a family like no other class I've ever experienced.  It's one of the myriad reasons I love teaching AVID - I have the freedom to adjust and adapt to the needs of my students on a moment's notice, much as a family has that ability.  

This year brings a rejuvenated Mr. Gerber!  AVID has published new curriculum and resources on which to draw, and I am so very excited about it!  Our three areas of focus for the year are Rigorous Academic Preparedness (helping develop AVID students' academic skills), Opportunity Knowledge (exposing students to the many opportunities that life offers, including college, career, and cultural opportunities), and Student Agency (developing students' sense of ownership of their own learning, organization, and grit). 

We will still be researching colleges and careers, working together in weekly Tutorials with our Tutors, having high level academic conversations and debates, learning how to read and write for learning, as well as working collaboratively on team-building and confidence-building games and activities.  We will be taking part in Leadership and Teambuilding training at the North East Sports Park this fall, as well as attending a field trip to a local university - different schools in different grades.  Spring will also bring another field trip at every grade level.  We will also be hosting our 2nd annual AVID Cultural Potluck Night, probably in late February or Early March.  Last year's first Cultural Potluck was a huge success - we had so much fun and so much good food!

This school year marks my 21st year as an Educator.  The 2023-2024 school year will be my 18th year teaching at Eisenhower.  This will be my 17th year as the AVID Coordinator and Elective Teacher at Eisenhower.  In my spare time, I am a performing songwriter and musician as well as a gardener, woodworker, travel-junkie, and general do-it-yourselfer. I also work as a Staff Developer for AVID, teaching AVID strategies to teachers across the country.  I'm married to an amazing woman and father to an incredible young woman of 21.  

Class Schedule

  • Schedule:

    1st Period (8:25 - 9:13)  8th Grade AVID

    2nd Period (9:17 - 10:08) Planning Period

    3rd Period (10:12 - 10:58) Planning Period  

    4th Period (11:02 - 11:48) 7th Grade AVID  

    Lunch (11:50 - 12:20)  

    5th Period (12:24 - 1:10) 6th Grade AVID

    6th Period (1:14 - 2:00) 6th Grade AVID

    7th Period (2:04 - 2:50) 8th Grade AVID  

    8th Period (2:54 - 3:40) 7th Grade AVID



    Extra-curricular Learning Support times are:

    Morning: Tuesday and Wednesday

    Afternoon: Monday