Ms. Tina M. Finley

Phone: 210-816-1273


Degrees and Certifications:

BA-Teaching MS-Learning & Technology

Ms. Tina M. Finley

Grew up in Japan and Hawaii
College at SJSU, WGU, and currently at GCU in a Doctoral program
BA - Teaching MS-  Learning & Technology 
23 years in veterinary medicine
4.5 years teach Biology at NEISD @ Roosevelt HS
1st year AVID
Interests - raising Guide Dogs for the Blind - Science Club - Cheer 

  • 1st period      8:45-9:35                       AVID                                         

    2nd period     9:40-10:30                     CONFERENCE                                          

    3rd period      10:35-11:25                   BIOLOGY I                                               

    4th period      11:30-12:55                   BIOLOGY I PRE-AP                                  

    5th period      1:00-1:50                       BIOLOGY I

    D LUNCH        1:55-2:25                       D LUNCH                         

    6th period      2:30-3:20                       BIOLOGY I PRE-AP                                                      

    7th period      3:25-4:15                       BIOLOGY I