Mr. Michael Moshue Hicks



Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. English, Texas A&M Class of '91 EC-4 Bilingual Generalist EC-12 Art EC-12 Tech Apps

Mr. Michael Moshue Hicks

I teach a Multimedia class to motivated 6th graders at the Design And Technology Academy, Ed White M.S. Eleven years of being a technology educator with NEISD has made me a passionate advocate for giving students control over their learning in the unique ways modern tools make possible. I also enjoy assisting the ones who need it with the transition from elementary to middle school, having taught both sides of that divide. I am all about fostering creativity and learning from my pupils and the top-notch equipment and software our magnet program makes available to us makes each year an exciting journey. I enjoy recharging my batteries over the summer but I LOVE starting back to school again in the fall!

  • 6th Grade DATA
    "Exploring Multimedia"

    1st Period (8:25 - 9:10)

    2nd Period (9:14 - 10:07)

    3rd Period (10:11 - 10:56)

    4th Period (11:00 - 11:46)

    Lunch (11:50 - 12:20)

    Conference (12:24 - 1:10)

    6th Period (1:14 - 2:00)

    7th Period (2:04 - 2:50)

    8th Period (2:54 - 3:40)