• The History of DATA 

    The DATA magnet school program was established in 1999 at Roosevelt High School as a specialized academic path for students to engage with information technology, computer science, engineering, coding, audio/video production, and architecture. Since then, technology has evolved, and so has DATA.

    In 2016, DATA expanded to include middle school magnet education at Ed White Middle School. The addition of middle school grades focuses on developing skills in communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. In addition to technological education, we equip students with essential abilities like adaptability, innovation, and problem-solving.

    The evolution to a 6th-12th grade model allows students to build a strong foundation in middle school, preparing them for advanced skills at the high school level to establish, enabling better preparation for higher education and careers.

    For over 20+ years, DATA has been taking an applied approach, nurturing creative, solution-focused thinkers ready to use technology to solve tomorrow’s problems today. As an established, evolving magnet school program, DATA develops the next generation of innovators.

  • Our Approach

    Creativity and innovation are the keys to preparing students for the digital future. Our magnet school program takes a critical thinking approach to develop the curiosity, intellect, and potential within every student.

    By equipping students with in-demand skills, they gain valuable expertise in the areas of animation, audio/video production, game design, and architecture. With focusing on the future, we shape our students into problem-solvers of tomorrow.

    Our pathways allow students to concentrate in Multimedia Arts, Digital Communication, Architectural Design, and Design & Arts while building cross-disciplinary literacy. Focusing on technology education and embracing a design-thinking model, students learn the adaptability, innovation, and collaboration abilities needed to drive positive change. Apply today as we shape young innovators for college and careers in advanced technology.

    Additional facets of DATA's Educational Approach:

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  • Mission & Vision

    Explore the limitless possibilities of DATA education through our diverse magnet education. We empower leaders by building character and citizenship that develops and promotes communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

    Our students dive into the realms of architecture, multimedia arts, digital communications, and traditional arts with hands-on experiences, advanced courses, and industry partnerships. With academic pathways designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to excel in higher education and beyond, our pathways support our mission & vision of empowering leaders.


    Our goals are to:

    • Incorporate emerging technologies into our curriculum to take our students to the next level of competition, whether it's academically, economically, or community-based
    • Expand current internship opportunities and off-campus learning experiences for all DATA students, regardless of pathway, to allow for skills application in professional environments
    • Develop and expand our partnerships across multiple industries and businesses to support all students in mentoring, sponsorships, and opportunities
  • Creative Curriculum

    Our educational approach at DATA offers three shared career and technical education pathways for students to explore between middle and high school; multimedia arts, digital communications, and architectural design.

    Starting in 6th grade, our Application of Technology course introduces students to systems, tools, and networks to build crucial foundational skills. From there, academics advance student learning in courses like Exploration of Multimedia and Digital Design, Media Production, and Video Game Design. Hands-on projects allow students to gain proficiency with vastly-popular programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and 3D modeling.

    Once at DATA high school, specialized curriculum is further offered to deepen the skills of our students. In Audio and Video Production, students write, produce, and edit films. Graphic Design and Illustration courses focus on branding and digital media, while Architectural Design utilizes Revit and other programs to render living spaces. Traditional fine arts courses are additionally available to complement the technology curriculum.

    In addition to our modern curriculum, DATA provides internship and mentorship opportunities for students to gain professional experience. With our connections to industry leaders, competitions and leadership opportunities enable students to utilize their obtained skills for college and career. Paired with our completely integrated academic approach, graduating DATA seniors earn over $5 million in combined scholarships annually.

  • Collaboration, Not Competition:

    DATA cohorts are designed to encourage collaboration among peers who share passions for design, technology, and creativity. In these tight-knit groups, students find like-minded teammates to tackle projects and overcome challenges together in the classroom. Through teamwork where contributions are valued, students accomplish more collectively than individually, thriving and forming bonds that enrich their educational experience with trust and support.

    Mentoring and Guidance:

    DATA staff members are committed to guiding and mentoring students, helping them refine their skills and realize their potential. The mentorship students receive is invaluable, extending as instructors share professional industry insights while providing individualized support. Our teachers take an interest in each learner's growth, helping students to unlock their talents. The mentorship, paired with career exposure, allows students to build a foundation for lifelong success.

  • A Lifelong Network:

    Cohorts are the cornerstone of our thriving student community. The friendships that students form last a lifetime, serving as a network of support and opening doors to opportunities. Fellow cohort members become future colleagues, collaborators, and partners in design & technology fields.

    Within the DATA family, success is collectively celebrated. By joining a cohort, students obtain friendships and boundless possibilities, ensuring they don't just develop educational skills in school but also find like-minded people.

  • Facilities

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities allow students to gain interactive experiences with the latest creative technologies. The multimedia labs feature industry-standard programs like Maya, Photoshop, and Revit, allowing learners to develop professional-level skills, while our video production studio and editing bays offer tools to bring stories to life through digital filmmaking. 

    The architecture and art studios at DATA allow our students to conceptualize designs through drawing, modeling, and more. Whether they are discovering their digital talents or mastering traditional techniques, our dynamic learning facilities are tailored to nurture passions within each unique DATA pathway. With access to cutting-edge tools and advanced learning environments, students thrive in our supportive yet innovative academic ecosystem.