Degrees and Certifications:

University of the Incarnate Word 2006 BA Communications Arts -Film/Television Production Period 1 - Practicum of Audio Video/Audio Video Production I Period 2 - Practicum of Audio Video/Audio Video Production II Period 3 - Principles of Audio Video Period 4 - Audio Video Production I Period 5 - Lunch Period 6 - Audio Video Production II with Lab Period 7 - Audio Video Production II with Lab

Mr. Mario Falcon

Hello and welcome to the world of cinema and everything film.  I am Mario Falcon, DATA's only audio-video educator.  Students, have you ever seen a name in the credits and wondered what that person does?  Do you often watch a film and realize it's predictable and cliché?  Are you aware that sometimes scenes are shot during the day with a special lens or feature to look like night? Or, have you noticed a light still exists after a character cuts it off for bedtime?  All these happen for a reason and are purposely done.  After taking these courses, these questions, plus many more, will be discovered and answered. 

Before becoming a teacher for NEISD, I was a music video cinematographer and director.  My foot in the door to show business started with a dream, a bit of passion, and $14,000 of hard-earned money to produce my first film.  I was a 19-year-old kid from El Campo, Texas with a huge goal.  Numerous films, music videos, and a Smithsonian award 25 years later, I found myself enlightened and finding a way to teach my craft of filmmaking. 

One of the best decisions of my life!

Facts: I was 11 years old when I borrowed my church's video camera to shoot my parents' home for an insurance claim.