Deaf Education

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    Teacher teaching kids sign language

Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

  • This program is for students ages 0 to 22 with a hearing impairment. Services are provided to eligible students in a variety of instructional settings. Assistance may be provided in the areas of reading comprehension, oral and written language structure, vocabulary building, as well as speech reading, auditory learning, and correct usage of note takers and/or sign language interpreters. Information about audiograms and on the use and care of amplification and other assistive devices is also provided.

Common Abbreviations

  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act 

    AI: Auditory Impairment

    ALD: Assistive Listening Device

    ASL: American Sign Language

    CI: Cochlear Implant

    DHH: Deaf or Hard of Hearing

    ENT: Ear, Nose, and Throat Physician (Otologist, Otolaryngologist)

    HH: Hard of Hearing

    HI: Hearing Impairment

    dB: Decibels

    LSLS: Listening and Spoken Language Specialist

    TC: Total Communication