School Choice

2021-2022 Applications
Accepted Dec. 1, 2020–Feb. 26, 2021

  • What is School Choice?

  • Under School Choice, a parent or guardian can request his or her child be transferred to another school within the district other than the one serving their residence. Learn about School Choice guidelines, how to apply and read frequently asked questions.

    The School Choice application window for the 2022-2023 school year will open on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021 at 7:20 a.m. and will close at the end of business on the first school day of the subsequent school year.

    For any new student enrolling in the North East ISD for kindergarten through twelfth grade, the window for School Choice will be open for five (5) school business days from the student’s verified enrollment date. Please review the Guidelines through the button below for criteria and more information.

Academic Calendar Offerings

  • NEISD offers multiple ways for students to garner their education, including a choice of campuses that offer traditional, year-round*, and extended calendars*. If you'd like your student to attend a specific campus outside of your immediate area, you may be applicable for School Choice.

    Traditional School Calendar:

    This type of school calendar requires students to attend school instructional 180 days. This calendar is a 9-month calendar with schools closed during the summer months.

    Year-Round School Calendar:

    This type of school schedule requires students to attend school 180 instructional days, but these days are arranged differently in comparison to the Traditional School Calendar. The year-round calendar shortens the summer break and lengthens other breaks throughout the year.

    Parents who wish to enroll their students in a Year-Round School Calendar can to enroll their student(s) in Castle Hills Elementary School

    Extended-Year School Calendar:

    The Extended-Year Calendar offers 180 instructional days and runs through the end of June with Intersession Breaks (days off) built into the calendar every few weeks. Intersessions Breaks are designed for students to receive tutoring and academic enrichment.

    Parents with elementary students can choose to enroll them at:

    NEISD's Academy of Creative Education also provides an Extended-Year School Calendar for high school students at risk of dropping out.

    *Offered at limited and/or specific campuses.

For more information, please contact the Pupil Personnel Office at 210-407-0070.