Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration on Bilingual General Education. Minor - Women Studies. Masters - Curriculum and Instruction. Certifications: English Language Arts & Social Studies (4-8). English as a Second Language (ESL) Bilingual Education.

Ms. Munoz

Hello!! I love being part of the Krueger Middle School Family and their Community. This will be my second year as an English as a Second Language (ESL) 7/8 grade teacher. 

I was born and raised in Mexico. I moved to the U.S in my 20's and self-taught myself English as a Second Language. During my transition - I became a Dual Language Speaker and have been extremely successful. This has led me to aspire to inspire young adults. As a teacher I am giving back and helping students reach their full potential. As a teacher it is my mission to cultivate life long learners. I am extremely devoted to the realm of education. 

Things i enjoy are: making art, writing, reading, hiking, traveling, and spending time with my crazy dog Juno. :)

  • Student Tutoring Hours:

    Recurring zoom available through Google Classroom.


    Tuesday   2:00 – 3:00 pm

    Thursday  2:00 – 3:00 pm


    Any other hours will be considered upon appointment. 



                       A DAY

    1st 8:30 – 9:35       Compliance.

    2nd 9:40 – 10:45     Conference

    3rd 10:50 – 11:55    ESL Support

    4th 12:00 – 1:05      ESL Support

    LUNCH 1:10 - 1:50

                       B DAY

    5th 8:30 – 9:35         ENGLISH/SOL

    6th 9:40 – 10:45        ENGLISH/SOL

    7th 10:50 – 11:55      Recents Elective  

    8th 12:00 – 1:05        ESL Support 

    LUNCH  1:10 - 1:50