• The Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT) is a magnet program located on the campus of Krueger Middle School. This unique magnet program focuses on integrating core subject content using thematic units to build relevancy across the curriculum. By using hands-on activities and applying concepts to real world projects, students make connections between their traditional academic classes while learning to work as a team, improve self-discipline, and foster a lifelong desire to learn. 

    The Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT) teaches engineering design and technology through the use of rocketry and industry grade software. Two themes are interwoven into our projects and curriculum: Aerospace science and Technology. Through rigorous core courses and integration across curriculum, our students are well prepared for the demands of high school and post-secondary education. Because our students have common interests and drive, teachers are able to actively engage students in our inquiry based learning. The instructional units incorporate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with an emphasis on team work, problem solving, and improving communication and presentation skills. Our rocketry program prepares students to demonstrate their engineering capabilities at our local launch sites and at locations across the nation. Our required multimedia and Principles of Arts, AV, & Communication (7th grade) classes teach students how to use and apply high end photo and video editing equipment, as well as, animation and game design software. Our numerous real world experiences, through field trips and technology, help prepare students for the future and put them ahead of the rest!

    As the KSAT students progress through the program, their rocket projects increase in difficulty, providing them the opportunity to improve their understanding and use of STEM concepts. During 8th grade, their first integrated project is to build a rocket which is entered into the Team America Rocketry Challenge, a national rocket competition. With a different challenge each year, the students are asked to demonstrate the level of skill they have acquired while in the program. KSAT also offers rigorous Gifted and Talented classes to students who qualify. Each nine weeks, there is an integrated theme for each grade level. Each teacher incorporates the theme into the core area instruction. At the end of each unit, there is a culminating projectand a field trip. 

    All courses are taught at a rigorous level including Pre-AP English/ Reading and Pre-AP Math at all levels and Pre-AP Science and Pre-AP Social Studies in the 8th grade. Students have the opportunity to earn high school credit which aligns them with several of the graduation endorsements.