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Phone: 210-356-4700


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Sociology, Behavioral Science, Anthropology Teaching Certifications: Math 4-8 Science 4-8 Generalist 4-8 Technology Applications EC-12

Mr. Charles Gentles

Hi, my name is Charles Gentles and I want to welcome you to my staff page. This year marks the beginning of my 10th year teaching at Krueger Middle School and also my 10th year teaching in North East ISD. Including my time in other districts, I have been a classroom teacher for 13 years in San Antonio. In past years, I have taught Math on the Krueger campus but have been able to teach Technology Applications for 6 of the 8 years I've been here. My classes this year will be "Exploring Multimedia" with 6th grade students in the Krueger School of Applied Technologies and Principles of Information Techology with 7th and 8th grade students from the Krueger main campus or KSAT. The main emphasis of my teaching is "How can we use technology to make our lives better?" We will study Technology Applications and Principles of Information Technology as a means to that end. My aim is for all students to leave my class with technology tools, techniques, and knowledge they will use throughout their lives...to better their lives.

I graduated from Rice University, in Houston, TX, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in three majors: Sociology, Behavioral Science, and Anthropology. I also worked as a computer programmer for Clear Channel Communications Inc. in the past and that eventually lead me to teaching technology.

I enjoy teaching middle school students and am particularly fond of having them crossover from being taught by me, to finding their own answers. Students can then take that knowledge to enrich their lives and the lives of their family and friends.

I am truly excited to see where inspiration, innovation, and our technology will take us this year. We are going to share a great experience!

Class Announcements

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Class Schedule

  • Monday Schedule

    1st period (8:20 – 9:08) Exploring Multimedia

    2nd period (9:12 – 9:57) Exploring Multimedia

    3rd period (10:01 - 10:46) Exploring Multimedia

    4th period (10:49 – 11:34) Principles of Information Technology

    Lunch (11:37 - 12:07)

    5th period (12:10 - 12:55) Exploring Multimedia

    6th period (12:58 – 1:43) Exploring Multimedia

    7th period (1:46 – 2:31) Exploring Multimedia

    8th period (2:35 - 3:20) Exploring Multimedia

    Tuesday - Friday Schedule

    1st period (8:20 – 9:12) Exploring Multimedia

    2nd period (9:16 – 10:04) Exploring Multimedia

    3rd period (10:08 - 10:56) Exploring Multimedia

    4th period (11:00 – 11:48) Principles of Information Technology

    Lunch (11:52 - 12:22)

    5th period (12:26 - 1:14) Exploring Multimedia

    6th period (1:18 – 2:06) Exploring Multimedia

    7th period (2:10 – 2:58) Exploring Multimedia

    8th period (3:02 - 3:50) Exploring Multimedia

    Tutoring Times:

    Tuesdays AFTER school (3:50 - 4:15pm)