Foreign Exchange Program

student on computer

    North East Independent School District strives to enrich the educational environment of North East ISD schools by welcoming eligible foreign exchange students. Placements are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and the procedures are as follows: 

    • The foreign exchange agency representative contacts Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) to inquire whether any openings are available at a particular high school.
    • The foreign exchange agency signs and emails Pupil Personnel the International Placement Agency Agreement for the current or next school year.
    • The agency representative emails the student’s application, medical history with their immunization record, and a current school grade transcript translated into English; to Pupil Personnel.
    • Once Pupil Personnel has received the required information, the department logs the application, verifies the immunization record, and approves the application. The approval notification is emailed back to the foreign exchange agency representative with instructions for the host family to contact Pupil Personnel once the student arrives in San Antonio for a required phone conference. This conference must occur before school enrollment. 
    • After the phone conference, the official “Central Office Registration Admittance Form” is emailed to the agency and the school for final clearance and enrollment.
    • The host family and student will contact the school to proceed with the enrollment and to schedule an appointment with a school counselor. The host family shall provide proof of residency to the school and complete any necessary paperwork the school requires.

    The foreign exchange agency is responsible for notifying Pupil Personnel and the home campus immediately of any changes in host families and emergency contact information after initial placement.