Foreign Exchange Program

student on computer

    North East ISD accepts five (5) foreign exchange students per high school per year. Placements are made on a first come, first serve basis and the following procedures are as follows:

    • The foreign exchange agency representative contacts the Department of Pupil Personnel Services to inquire whether any openings are available at a high school in the attendance area of the host families residence.
    • If an opening is available for the agency, the agency representative faxes or emails the student’s application, medical history including an immunization record, and a current school grade transcript which has been translated into English, to Pupil Personnel.
    • Once the required information has been received by Pupil Personnel, the department logs the application, verifies the immunization record, and approves the application. The approval notification is faxed back to the foreign exchange agency representative with instructions for the host family to contact Pupil Personnel once the student arrives in San Antonio for a required meeting before the student is allowed to enroll in school.
    • At Pupil Personnel the host family/guardian and incoming foreign exchange student will meet with the appropriate Administrator and will receive an official registration admittance form for final clearance and enrollment at the high school.
    • After the central office conference, the guardian and student will contact the school to meet with a school counselor for more specific information and enrollment.