AP Statistics

  • AP Statistics
    Course Description & Grading Policies for 2022-2023 School Year  

    Instructor:  Mrs. Jennifer P. Contreras                                                 Classroom: RR239, periods: 1 & 8
    jcontr1@neisd.net                                                                    Website:  www.neisd.net/jcontr1

    Overview:  AP Statistics is a college-level statistics course that introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students cultivate their understanding of statistics using technology, investigations, problem solving, collaboration, and writing as they explore concepts like variation and distribution; patterns and uncertainty, and data-based predictions, decisions, and conclusions.  A goal of this class is to prepare students for success on the College Board’s AP Exam for Statistics on Thursday, May 4, 2023, and for success in future college-level courses. 

    School Supplies:  Students are expected to come to class each day with a pencil, an eraserloose-leaf notebook paper (or a spiral), and a Statistics binder (or folder) for handouts.  Any other supplies that are needed will be available in class. 

    Calculators & Textbooks:  During class, students will use a TI-84 graphing calculator from our class set.  Students are encouraged to check out another TI-84 calculator to use at home, but will need to provide the 4 AAA batteries to keep it running throughout the school year.  “I don’t have a calculator” is not a valid excuse for incomplete or missing assignments.  We will use “The Practice of Statistics, 5th edition” textbook. An online version of the textbook is available in the Bedford App located in the NEISD launchpad.  If you prefer to have a physical copy of the textbook to take home, just let me know and I will get one checked out to you. 

    Google Classroom & AP ClassroomAnnouncements and links to assignments/handouts and other reference materials will be posted in our Google Classroom.  However, student work will NOT be submitted through Google Classroom.  All AP Statistics students need to join our Google Classroom using the code sxu7uns.  You also need to join the College Board’s AP Classroom website at https://myap.collegeboard.org.  We will use AP Classroom regularly throughout the school year for video lessons and AP Exam practice and review.  The join code for 1st period is RNNJA6 and the join code for 8th period is GNMJLW; be sure to join the correct period.

    Grading Policy
             40%     Tests; you may use a graphing calculator and the AP Formulas & Charts packet on all tests                                  
             30%     Quizzes                                          
             15%     Assignments (as assigned, graded on accuracy)     
             15%     Classwork/Homework (almost daily, graded on completion)            
    Most grades will be posted in Skyward within one week of the due date (or the date the quiz/test was taken), if not sooner.  However, some assignments may take longer to grade and I appreciate your patience and understanding.  In fairness to the students who are in attendance and who turn in assignments on-time, late work, makeup work, retakes and extra credit go to the bottom of the “to be graded” pile,
    but every effort will be made to have those grades posted before the next progress report or report card deadline.  Teachers make mistakes; students should keep their work until they have verified that grades have been entered correctly in Skyward.  If there is a mistake, please bring it to my attention so I can correct it. 

    Assignments and Classwork/Homework:  Assignments to practice your statistics knowledge and skills will be given almost every class period and will be due at the beginning of the next class period (unless specifically stated otherwise); assignments submitted after the beginning of the period will be “late.”  Work in the “assignments” category in Skyward will be assessed on accuracy (amount correct) and work in the “classwork/homework” category will be assessed on completion (amount finished); in either case, students are expected to show work to earn credit.   In addition to the time spent in class, students will usually need another 15-45 minutes, outside of class, to complete their statistics work. If you are struggling with the work or needing more than 60 minutes to finish your math, please ask for help!

    Make-up Work:  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for the work you missed.  You can look in our Google Classroom, but you will probably also need to get a copy of the notes, do the assignments, and take any quiz or test you missed.  Work that you received before you were absent and was due while you were gone, needs to be turned in on the day you return to school to receive full, on-time credit.  Any new work that was assigned while you were absent (including tests, quizzes, and assignments), needs to be completed and turned in within one week of your return to school for full, on-time credit.  After a week, you will receive late credit for assignments and retake credit for quizzes & tests.  If your absence is unexcused, all of your makeup work, including quizzes and tests, may be immediately assessed as late/retake work. 

    Late Work:  Late assignments will receive 80% credit until the unit test.  After the unit test, late work will receive 50% credit until the end of the current grading period.  Notes/comments in Skyward will indicate if assignments were late. 

    Test Corrections:  After each test, students will be expected to complete test corrections so they can learn from their mistakes, in preparation for the AP Exam in May.  After students have submitted their corrections, the original test grade will be changed in Skyward to an AP-scaled score.  If students do not submit corrections, they will keep their original, raw score. 

    Retakes of Quizzes & Tests:  You may retake any quiz/test grade lower than 70.  Retakes must be completed in one sitting (you can’t start and come back later to finish).  Retakes should be taken before/after school unless class time allows.  If you pass the retake, you will bring the quiz or test grade up to 70; otherwise you will receive the higher of the original and retake grades.  Notes/comments in Skyward will indicate both the original & retake grades.  Retakes are similar, but not identical to the original quizzes/tests – do not memorize answers; learn from your mistakes and work to understand the math.  You may only retake each quiz/test once, so be prepared! 

    Time Limits & Deadlines:  In this class, students are preparing for success on the AP Statistics Exam which has strict time limits.  Unless a student has an “extended time” accommodation through an IEP or 504 plan, extra time will not be given.

    Extra Credit:  Optional extra credit assignments will be offered during each unit to students for watching AP Daily Video lessons on the College Board’s AP Classroom website and completing the related note pages.  Extra credit assignments will earn “coupons” which can be applied to quiz and test grades.  Coupons cannot be used to replace missing assignments or to remove late penalties.  Students should only do extra credit work after they have completed all of the regular course work.       

    Tutoring:  Math help is availableTutoring will be available several mornings and/or afternoons each week.  Morning tutoring starts at 8:00 a.m. and afternoon tutoring goes until at 5:00 p.m.  Check the monthly calendar posted in our classroom to see when tutoring will be available.  In addition to getting math help, students can use these times to work independently on assignments or extra credit, meet with study groups, do retakes/corrections, prepare for upcoming assessments, and use classroom supplies (including chromebooks and calculators). 

    Integrity Policy:  Students are encouraged to work together, both during and outside of class, on the classwork and homework assignments.  You should be talking about the math.  However, EACH student should be actively working on EACH of the problems;  “divide & conquer,” having an APP/website do the work, and copying answers are NOT acceptable strategies.  Additionally, all quizzes and tests are to be completed individually.  Students who complete assessments without integrity, including copying or using prohibited materials, will receive a zero and retakes/corrections will not be permitted. 

    Electronic Devices & Work for Other Classes:  Your cell phone (and other electronic devices) should be silenced and put away, unless you have received the teacher’s permission to use them to do your math work.  You should not use electronic devices for personal activities (social media, playing games, watching videos, etc.) during class.  Phone calls and texts should not be read/answered during class, even if they are to/from your family; please speak to your teacher privately if you have a special situation.  If your phone (or other devices) are a distraction, they may be collected for the duration of class.  You should not work on assignments for other classes UNTIL you have finished ALL of your math work. 

    Class Rules: 
              1.  Be ready to learn (arrive on time, have supplies & assignments out, and put away distractions).
              2.  Have respect for other people, for their ideas, opinions and beliefs, and for personal/school property.
              3.  Take responsibility for your schoolwork, your words, your choices/decisions/attitude, and your education.
              4.  Help create and maintain a positive classroom environment (wear school-appropriate attire, use school-appropriate
                   language, be tolerant, encouraging, helpful, and supportive of classmates, teachers, and guests).          

    Communication:  The best way to contact me is through my school district email,  jcontr1@neisd.net.  Outside of class, I will communicate with students collectively through our Google Classroom and individually through their NEISD student email address.  I will communicate with parents through the email that is listed in Skyward (unless you provide me with a different/additional email).  I try to respond to emails by the end of the next school day.  If parents would prefer a phone conversation (or would like to schedule a conference), please email me, have your student give me a note, or call the DATA office at 210-356-2237.