• Frequently Asked Questions 
    What if I have never played an instrument? 
    No problem! - when selecting classes for next year, select “Beginner Orchestra” when choosing your elective. 
    What if I am in the After School Strings program at my Elementary? 
    Great! - We have a special class reserved for students that have been in the Strings Program.
    Where do I store my instrument? 
    The orchestra provides instrument lockers for students to store their instruments. Home storage should be in a climate-controlled area not too hot or cold as it can damage the instrument. Never leave your instrument in a car!!!
    How Much Does it Cost?
    We really work hard to keep costs down for families. Below are our fees.
     $20 - Polo Shirt (can be used all 3 years) 
     $20 -$50 Average cost per month (depending on instrument). Vendor rentals are to be made with vendors. Most come with insurance for accidental damage. 
     $30 - NEISD Instrument Rental Only charged to students that use a school instrument. There is no insurance on school instruments. If there is any damage, you will have to fund the repairs.
     $10 -20 - Student Social Events We are able to keep costs down based on our fund-raisers and donations. 
    More Questions?
    Please feel free to email me your questions!