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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Education Master's in Education Health Certified

Mr. Robert Gonzalez

   I am a retired Naval Officer having served twenty two years of active duty in the United States Navy. I have served on board many ships in many capacities and I would have to say my favorite ship was the USS Nimitz. From 1997 to 1999 I served as the Fire Marshal of the USS Nimitz. I completed a world cruise in 1998 and brought her in for her first refuel since being commissioned. I loved my time in the Navy and miss it dearly. Thank goodness I get to teach wonderful children now.

   I have a bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Education. I plan to continue my own education,  because you never stop learning.

   I teach four classes in  in Junior Cadets, a class that teaches all aspects of the military and is a preface to JROTC. I also teach two classes of High School Health, a class that when completed will earn a student one half credit for High School Health. In turn this class will not have to be taken in High School. 

  • 1st Period (08:25 – 09:13) Junior Cadets

    2nd Period (09:17 - 10:11) Junior Cadets

    3rd Period (10:15- 11:00) Junior Cadets

    4th Period (11:04 - 11:49) Luch Duty

    5th Period (11:53 - 12:38) High School Health

                    (12:42 - 1:12)  Lunch

                    (1:12 - 2:01)    Conference Period

    7th Period  (2:05 - 2:50)    High School Health

    8th Period  (2:54 - 3:40)    Junior Cadets

  • Welcome to my Junior Cadets Class!

    In this class we will be involved in Military instruction. This class will be taught as a preface to JROTC.

    Class instruction includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Military bearing

        A. Facing movements

        B. Marching

        C. Saluting

        D. Attention on deck

    2. Military structure

        A. Rank by service