• Orchestra Supplies list

    1. 1’ black binder
    2. Pencils
    3. Erasers
    4. Instrument – you can rent an instrument from a reputable shop Terra Nova Violins, Antonio Strad Violins, Music and Arts or a school instrument

    School instruments do not include insurance. You will have to pay for any repairs or damage to your checked out instrument (school instrument rental is 30$ cash or check  (check written to Nimitz Middle School)

    If you want to choose the route of purchasing a instrument from a online vendor, allow me to view your selection to make sure it is a quality instrument.


    1. Shoulder rest (violin, Viola) Anchor or rockstop (cello, bass)
    2. Microfiber cleaning cloth
    3. Rosin
    4. Metronome/tuner (used for home practice and tuning assistance)

     Orchestra Polo- 20$ polos can be worn as a school shirt and for events besides formal concerts. IE: Meet the Seahawks, Evening with strings, 5th grade electives day etc.

    Formal Uniform for Concerts – Fall, Winter, UIL, Spring performances

    Concert attire for 6th Grade is concert black. Boys- black dress pants, black dress shoes, buttoned-up long sleeved shirt. Girls- Same as boys or black skirt or dress with black flats.

    7th and 8th Grade school provided uniforms will be handed out and will need to be hemmed for length (iron on hemming tape is the easiest method).