• The fifth graders at Ridgeview, Jackson Keller and Olmos Elementary have the amazing opportunity to join the after school strings
    program. Joining the program gives the students an opportunity to learn to play a string instrument and become more prepared for middle school music classes.

    5th Grade Strings Form


    To join the class you'll need the following items.


    1. An string instrument (violin,viola,vello or bass) which can be rented from stores around the area.

    Renting is the safest choice and most rental programs allow you to gain credit for purchase of an instrument
    later. Because most students are still growing and will need bigger instruments they also come with insurance that
    covers accidental damage, string replacement etc.

    1. Portable Music Stand- a folding stand to put music on for class and home practice and concerts.


    1. Music Method Book- we are using the Essential Elements Book 1, depending on the instrument you want to play

    you'll need to get the book for that instrument. Playing violin?  You'll be getting the violin book. Viola, Cello, Bass?

    The book is labeled at the top corner.

    1. Shoulder rest (Violin and viola)  Rockstop/Anchor (cello and bass)


    If you have any questions please email me 

    Email Mr. Tolliver


  • Classes begin September 18th and 19th 2023

    Performances will be held at the Nimitz Middle School Audutorium.


    The classes start Sept. 18th for Olmos and Jackson-Keller are held each Monday and Wednesday from 3:00 - 4:00 pm at Olmos Elementary.


    The classes start Sept. 19th for Ridgeview each Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 -  4:00 pm ar Ridgeview Elementary.