• The Fine Arts Dance Department involves content standards that focus on knowledge and skills of dance elements, choreographic process and a variety of dance styles. In addition, the curriculum enables students to understand cultural, historical, and artistic diversity. The traditional Fine Arts dance programs, analyze dance from a variety of perspectives: performer, choreographer, critic, and audience member.

    Middle School Fine Arts Dance is designed to introduce multiple styles of dance and technique. The dance styles that are covered are Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern and many diverse cultural styles. In addition, the class may study and/or complete projects over dance history, current events, music notation, choreography, and health/nutrition concepts.


    North East Independent School District currently offers Middle School Fine Arts Dance to any 6th-8th grade students. These courses are non-competitive dance and are not a part of the spirit organization or team. Students will be required to purchase specialized dance attire for this class.


    Fine Arts dance students are expected to dress in traditional dance apparel specified by the dance teacher during class each day and may have performance opportunities throughout the year.

    • Course #0460 Full Year Course 6th Grade Fine Arts Dance
    • Course #0453 Full Year Course 7th Grade Fine Arts Dance
    • Course #0455 Full Year Course 8th Grade Fine Arts Dance

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