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Degrees and Certifications:

4-8 ELA/RDG/SS Certification EC-6 Generalist Certification ESL Supplemental Certification B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, UTSA

Ms. Williams

Although originally from Queens, NYC, I consider myself an honorary Texan. I love English, and hope to inspire your children to love it too! But enough about my personal life. I am certain that you are more interested in how I feel about my role as an educator, so let us delve into that: 

I  sincerely feel that in order to prepare my students for adulthood, more than a simple cramming of the curriculum into their craniums is necessary. For education to be successful I must create meaningful connections between the curriculum and life. The most common complaint I have heard in classrooms, and admittedly, have uttered myself is: “Why do I need to know this?” As a teacher, not only must I know the answer to this question; I must be able to articulate it for my students. If I cannot convey the answer of this simple question to my students and create these connections between knowledge and the human experience, then I have failed to truly teach; for without these connections the knowledge attained becomes meaningless and forgettable. 

I cannot simply tell my students why they need to know something; I must show them. There are many ways to accomplish this task. Personally, I do not subscribe to any one teaching method, or theory, but believe that by weaving them together their merits are reinforced and their weaknesses are weeded out. I plan to provide a safe environment in which my students can feel empowered by knowledge; thus enabling them to tackle the task of maturing to adulthood.

I am very excited to be here at Tex Hill and am truly lucky to be teaching such a spectacular group of young men & women!  I look forward to working with you to ensure your child’s success.

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Class Schedule

  • 1st period A (8:30 - 9:35)  GT ELAR 8th Grade
    2nd period B (8:30 - 9:35) GT ELAR 8th Grade 
    3rd period A (9:40 - 10:45)  Honors ELAR 8th Grade
    4th period B (9:40 - 10:45)  Honors ELAR 8th Grade   
    5th period A (10:50 - 11:55)  Honors ELAR 8th Grade 
    6th period B (10:50 - 11:55)  Honors ELAR 8th Grade
    7th period A (12:00 - 1:05)  Conference    
    8th period B (12:00 - 1:05)  DC/IC Period