Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration: Science & Mathematics

Mr. Isaac Pacheco

My personal thoughts on education...

    I believe that a good teacher is one who puts the student's interest first who is striving to be a lifelong learner. I constantly work on different teaching strategies and adapt to the students' learning styles in an effort to meet their needs. I desire to teach because I love and have a passion for helping students to become successful to their potential instilling in them the love of learning. I am fully dedicated to my students in helping them to become self-motivated, disciplined, attentive, follow through with objectives, and willing to attempt to exceed academic expectations.
    I aim to foster a classroom environment that helps students to develop a love and respect for themselves, others, and education. The environment should be safe, support risk taking, and be non-threatening where the student feels free to express themselves and share ideas. The classroom rules will be firm, fair and consistent including zero tolerance for any type of disrespectful behavior. I aim to enrich the learning experience with with the use of technology. 
    I strive to have my content not just follow local and state curriculum but to peak the students interests and be relevant to the real world. The student will learn interpretation techniques, problem solving skills, and critical thinking through the use of themes, units, projects, hands on learning, collaborative learning, and individual learning. 
    Every child has the potential to bring something exceptional and extraordinary to the world. I believe that it is in the middle school years that the student is at a formidable state and strive to exercise all my power to make a positive impact in an effort to encourage and ensure the students' success in whatever path that their heart and passions may take them. 

Class Announcements

  • Tutoring Times

    Tues. Bell-4:15 & Thur. 7:45-8:10 - If an additional tutoring time is needed it can be scheduled by the student or by parent through E-mail based on availability

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  • Science Supplies

    Computer for Digital Access, Composition Book, Pencil, Pen, Highlighter, Glue, Tape, Color Pencils

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Class Schedule

  • 1st Period (8:25-9:11) Science
    2nd Period (9:16-10:04) Science
    3rd Period (10:09-10:55) Science
    4th Period (11:00-11:46) Science
    5th Period (12:21-1:07) Lunch
    6th Period (1:12-1:58) Science
    7th Period (2:03-2:49) Conference
    8th Period (2:54-3:40) Science