• Intern/Practicum

    External Candidates must meet and complete the following:

    • Submit an online application by creating a profile (or login to an existing account) and applying for the "Fall 2024 - Intern/Practicum" posting (Job ID # 28612);

    • Clear a criminal history background check. Please print, complete and email the Computerized Criminal History Verification Form (CCH) (pdf) to New Talent Team at studentplacements@neisd.netSubmission of the application and CCH form authorizes Human Resources to complete a background check (this step is not required for current employees); and

    • Be listed on the NEISD Placement Request (pdf) form that must be submitted by the university coordinator to New Talent Team at studentplacements@neisd.net and the appropriate District Department Coordinators (see list below).

    • Attend a Virtual Student Teacher/Practicum Orientation. The link and detailed information on the orientation will be provided after all the steps listed above are completed. 

    Internal Candidates (current NEISD employees) must complete the following:

    • Notify immediate supervisor of request.

    • Follow the guidelines below for NEISD employees seeking placement:

      1. Employees of NEISD requesting to complete a practicum, student observer and/or field experience placement are expected to adhere to a normal work schedule and perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with their job assignments.
      2. Practicum, student observers and/or field experience students employed by the district will not be "released" to fulfill program requirements. It will be incumbent upon the student to arrange personal time, outside of the regular workday, to complete placement requirements. NEISD does not have paid intern/practicum placements.

    District Department Coordinators

    • Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education- Christine Rostedt, Program Coordinator, croste@neisd.net

    • Nurses - Emma Kelly, Assistant Director of Health Services, ekelly6@neisd.net
    • Speech Language Pathologist - Kresta Atkin, Program Coordinator, katkin@neisd.net 

    • Counselors - Kyra Bush, District Counseling Coordinator, kbush1@neisd.net

    • Librarians - Theresa Sanchez, Director of Library Services, tsanch@neisd.net

    • Orientation and Mobility, Deaf, Hearing Impaired & Visual Impaired Program Coordinator - Patricia Garcia, pgarci5@neisd.net

    • Licensed Specialist in School Psychology - Alison Arnatt,  Lead LSSP & Educational Diagnostician Coordinator, aarnat1@neisd.net
    • Administrators (Principals) - Dr. Justin Oxley, Executive Director of School Administration, joxley@neisd.net

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