• Student Observers

    Student Observers are required to complete 16 hours or less of classroom observations and do not need to interact with North East students.


    External Candidates must complete the following:

    Step 1: A student must complete an online Student Observer History Record Check through the Volunteer Program.

    Step 2: Once the background is cleared, the student will receive an email with a volunteer identification number.

    Step 3: The student should forward the Student Observer Applicant email to the campus principal and request permission to observe at the campus. The email serves as verification that a background check was completed and cleared.


    *It is the principal's decision to approve or deny the request.


    Internal Candidates (current NEISD employees) must complete the steps below:

    Step 1: Employee/Student must notify immediate supervisor of the request to complete classroom observations/field experience for program. Please read and follow the guidelines below.

    Guidelines for North East ISD Employees Seeking Placements:

    1. Employees of NEISD requesting to complete an internship, classroom observations and/or field experience, are expected to adhere to a normal work schedule, performing their duties and responsibilities in accordance with their job assignments.
    2. Interns, student observers and/or field experience students employed by the district will not be "released" to fulfill program requirements. It will be incumbent upon the student to arrange personal time, outside of the regular work day, to complete placement requirements.

     Step 2: Notify HR Director and New Talent and Evaluations Team via email at studentplacements@neisd.net of your request, which should include the following:

    • What campus are you currently employed?
    • What is the name of the certification/preparation program?
    • What certification area are you seeking?
    • What are your grade/subject level preference(s)? Please be specific and list in order of preference.
    • How many hours does the program require?
    • List 4 campuses in order of preference.
    • Specify the timeframe in which the hours will be completed.

    Step 3: Receive an email notification once Human Resources and the Principal have approved the request.


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