Ms. Young's Wish Lists

  • Please donate to our class. Ms. Young's classroom and teacher wish lists can be found below. Please note, all wish lists and wish lists items are optional and are not required materials in order to be a valuable member of Ms. Young's classroom.

Classroom Wish List

  • To improve our classroom learning environment, the following items are suggested:

    1. tissues

    2. fine point black wet-erase (a.k.a. Vis-a-Vis) markers 
      • These markers are used are large maps to help students improve their geography skills 

    3. paper towels
      • Paper towels are essential to remove the marks caused by the wet erase makers during mapping activities.

    4. clipboards
      • At times students work without a desk. Clipboards will make it easier for students to complete written work

    5. hole puncher
      • This will allow students to have more organized binders.
    6. Expo markers: blue, black, and green
      • Please note, light-colored markers can be difficult to read.
    7. sticky notes

    8. pencils with erasers
    9. whiteboard eraser

    Thank you; the students and I appreciate your support and thoughtful donations.

Teacher Wish List

  • A frequent question over the years has been, "Ms. Young, what do you like?" It warms my heart to know that students want to gift me something they know I will actually use and enjoy. To help answer the previously asked question, I have created a list of various items that I enjoy.

    1. bottled water (I love Ozarka spring water and carry cases to the classroom from SAM's)

    2. cultural artifacts/items - I absolutely love to see and experience different world cultures. Items such as figurines, flags, clothing, art, etc. help expand my knowledge of world cultures and will enhance the classroom environment.

    3. gift cards
      • HEB
      • Barnes and Noble

    I am always appreciative of the considerate and thoughtful gifts given to me by parents, guardians, students, administration, and the community throughout the school year.