Ms. Young's 6th Grade World Cultures Lesson Plans

  • Purpose of the page: This page is intended to give a brief overview of the content discussed in the classroom during the week and does not serve as a replacement for classroom attendance.

    Student absences: Assignments are intended to be completed, after teacher instruction, during the class period, and as homework if necessary. If the lesson for the day was not provided for all students online, Google Classroom will not have work for absent students. Absent students can acquire assignments upon their return to the physical classroom. Additionally, some resources may be provided for all students in Google Classroom, but the graded portion of the activity may be a hard copy provided by the teacher in the classroom, therefore, making it impossible to complete it during a student's absence.

    Please note that all lesson plans are subject to change at the teacher's discretion. 

1st Semester Lesson Plans

Second Semester Lesson Plans