Payroll Services Contact List

  • REGULAR HOURS: 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (OR BY APPOINTMENT)

    Phone: 210- 407-0186

    Fax: 210-804-7066 

Name Area of Responsibility Office Number Email
Emma Jackson Senior Payroll Manager 210-407-0506
Christa Ayala Assistant Payroll Manager 210-407-0509
Carol Kobernat Leave Coordinator 210-407-0543
Jonathan Guerra Payroll Information Systems Analyst 210-407-0525
Frank Ledesma Payroll Information Systems Analyst 210-407-0508
Ginger Gamble Senior Accountant- IRS and TRS reporting 210-407-0507
Erica Olivares Certified Payroll (Last Name A-K) 210-407-0532
Leticia Hernandez Certified Payroll (Last Name L-Z) 210-407-0529
Lupie Padilla Paraprofessional/Auxiliary Payroll (Last Name A-GOM) 210-407-0527
Christine Aguilar Paraprofessional/Auxiliary Payroll (Last Name GON-O) 210-407-0533
Ernestine Banuelos Paraprofessional/Auxiliary Payroll (Last Name P-Z) 210-407-0423
Melanie Sklencar Substitute Payroll, Certified Leave 210-407-0526
Georgianna Aranda Voluntary Deductions, Employee ID Badge 210-407-0531
Vacant Records & Research Wage Verification, W-2 copies 210-407-0512
Patricia Pena Payroll Customer Support Specialist 210-407-0437
Colleen Williams Deduction Reconciliations, Legal Obligations 210-407-0528