Tax Withholdings

W-2 Form Screenshot
  • The NEISD Payroll Department withholds and remits federal income tax from employees' pay checks based on federal regulations and information provided by employees. Payroll Department staff do not provide guidance to employees regarding the withholding status or the number of exemptions an employee should claim. The information on this page may be helpful to employees and is provided as a courtesy. However, any questions regarding income tax withholding should be directed to a tax professional.

Tax Forms and Helpful Links

  • IRS Publications, Tools, and Videos

    The links below will direct to external websites with helpful information regarding income tax withholding.

    IRS Tool: Tax Withholding Calculator (IRS website)

    IRS Publication 5303: Paycheck Checkup (PDF)

    IRS News Release: Paycheck Checkup (IRS website)

    IRS Video: How to Use Withholding Calculator for Paycheck Checkup (YouTube*)

    IRS Video: Paycheck Checkup (YouTube*)

    *To view YouTube videos, users may need to log in with District credentials.

    IRS Forms

    Form W-4

    • Form W-4 is required to be completed by each employee so that NEISD can withhold the correct federal income tax.
    • Employees complete a Form W-4 upon hire with the District.
    • Employees may update their Form W-4 each year and any time their personal or financial situation changes.
    • To review or update the Form W-4, login to Lawson ESS using Internet Explorer. Instructions are available.
    • Download Form W-4 (pdf)

    Form W-2

    • Form W-2 is provided by NEISD to every employee and to the IRS at the end of the year.
    • Form W-2 reports an employee's annual wages and the amount of tax withheld from his or her paycheck.
    • Current employees may view their past Form W-2s online; login to Employee Portal. Instructions are available.
    • Current and former employees may view their past Form W-2s online; login to My Pay Info.