• Employee-Child Guidelines

    The North East ISD complies with the following: Texas Education Code Chapter 25, Admission, Transfer, and Attendance; Chapter 26, Parental Rights and Responsibilities; and North East ISD Board Policies FDA (LOCAL) and FDB (LOCAL).

    Under Employee-Child Transfer, “children,” shall be defined as children who are an employee’s biological children, legally adopted children, stepchildren by marriage, or children placed in foster care by a state agency as defined under Texas Education Code (TEC) Chapter 25.

    Full-time and part-time District employees residing within or outside of the District may apply for a transfer/enrollment for their children to attend any campus within the district in accordance with the following:

    1. The employee-child application shall be submitted online, which will go to the campus principal of the requested school for approval or disapproval and then to the office of Pupil Personnel Services for final approval or disapproval.
    2. Approval of the transfer shall not alter the applicable ratio established by the Superintendent, if any.
    3. A campus that has been capped to new residents shall also be capped to children of full-time and part-time District employees.

    All online applications are processed through the Office of Pupil Personnel Services.  Prior to submitting an application, the employee/parent must be cleared through the Human Resources Department and have received an employee ID number.  The employee/parent may submit an online application to request their children be transferred to another school within the District other than the school service their residence or employment.  Seat availability is provided by the department of Performance and Planning for each school/grade level based on the projected enrollment, core and classroom capacity, District and state mandated staffing ratios, the growth rate for each school, and other critical factors that may arise, such as construction or above average growth potential.  Enrollment priority will always be given to residents of a school based on attendance area.  The employee/parent must receive a confirmation email notification of being granted a seat prior to any enrollment occurring at the requested campus.

    The principal of the requested school may request documents prior to the online application being processed.  The principal may review the student’s records and may approve or disapprove the employee-child transfer based on the student’s grades, attendance, and/or behavior.

    An employee/parent may submit only one (1) Employee-Child Transfer application per child per school year.  Each application submitted will be notated with the date and time the application was electronically received.  All applications submitted will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each application for siblings/family members will be considered individually based on seat availability.

    An employee-child transfer is available for students who qualify to receive special education services.  The Special Education Department will be consulted when considering applications for an employee-child transfer to ensure that the school requested by the employee-parent has the capacity to provide specialized services contained in the student's individual education plan (IEP).  The receiving campus must have the existing capacity to deliver the student's IEP.

    All granted applications for the next school year must be accepted by the employee/parent by the last Friday in July prior to the upcoming school year or within 14 calendar days from the date of the email notification granting the seat if within the current school year.  An employee-child transfer becomes void if the attempted enrollment falls outside of this established timeline.  In addition, any granted employee-child transfer will be automatically terminated upon withdraw from the granted school requested, if the employee/parent declines the seat, or if enrolled in another school (regardless of the school being a charter, private, outside or within the District).  

    The employee/parent will not need to reapply in the subsequent school year(s) for the grade(s) housed on the campus where the children have been approved for enrollment under the employee-child transfer.  However, if the student is moving from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, a new employee-child transfer application is required.

    For University Interscholastic League (UIL) purposes, students must meet all UIL criteria.  Students approved for an employee-child transfer should contact the Executive Director of Athletics to determine the implications and/or required forms needing to be completed prior to being able to participate in any UIL event.

    Students may have the employee-child transfer revoked by the Principal of the school for the following:

    1. One or more failing grades for the semester; or
    2. Poor attendance for the semester; or
    3. A major violation or persistent violation of the District Student Code of Conduct; or
    4. Failure of employee/parent to comply with school policies and procedures or failure of the student to comply with the school’s policies and procedures, include causing disruption on the day-to-day operations of the school.

    Children of full-time or part-time employees whose employment is either terminated, resigned from, or retired from after the start of the school year, may request an Employee-Child Transfer Continued Enrollment for the child to remain at the current campus through the remainder of the current school year.

    The District shall not provide transportation for a student under Employee-Child Transfer.



    PPS 11/2022