• In Fifth Grade, we will be working with commonly used and misused words throughout the year

    Transition Words:
    Show time order and relative transitions. Examples include: before, then, shortly after, next, later that day, etc.

    Greek and Latin roots:
    We will be studying the meanings of Greek and Latin affixes and roots. Roots, unlike base words, cannot stand on their own-they must be combined with affixes to create a word. By learning the meaning of these roots and affixes, your child will be able to break down new, unfamiliar words in terms of meaning and pronunciation.

    Some examples include mis-, -ful, struct, geo, phone, tele-, etc.

    Commonly Confused Words:
    These are words that are frequently misused or confused for another word. We will examine the words and their meanings, and practice using them correctly in context.

    Examples include: to/two/too, here/hear, clothes/close, capital/capitol, etc.

    Parts of Speech:
    We will review parts of speech already introduced (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs). In addition we will work with conjunctions (the FANBOYS), collective nouns, subjects & predicates, prepositions, and, of course sentence structure.

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