• STAAR RELEASED ITEMS: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/staar/#g3-8


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    *Inferencing Game :This site has different clues given to you. Try to infer the topic from the clues. You might even be able to do it before all the clues are given.

    *Grammar Gorillas: This is a game that tests your knowledge of parts of speech. 

    *Context Clues Cows Game: Read the sentences. Using context clues, pick the correct topic. You get to move the cows into a new pasture if you are right. 
    *VocabularyYou will read a sentence. Guess the meaning of the vocabulary word. This site has fantastic vocabulary words to learn! 
    *Word Jungle: Fun way to learn new words and build vocabulary. If you get the meaning of the word correct, your monkey swings through the jungle and other interesting places. 
    *Book Adventure: Great site to encourage reading and comprehension. 
    *Word Central: Online dictionary


    *Literary Terms (writing, fiction, figurative)
    *Reading Skills
    *TV411 Reading!