This is a google slide presentation showing the answers to the Parametric/Vector Method Match Cards. You can view here or on your phone in Google Slides to help you review.
    The videos embedded below are provided to offer support for this course. They are in the following order.
    Parametric Equations (NotesAssignment)
    • Graphing Parametric Equations 1
    • Graphing Parametric Equations 2
    • Graphing Parametric Equations 3
    • Parametric Equations: First and Second Derivatives
    • Parametric Equations: Writing Equations of Tangent Lines
    • Parametric Equations: Horizontal and Vertical Tangency
    • Parametric Equations: Arc Length
    • Vector Examples 1
    • Vector Examples 2
    • Vector Examples 3
    • Vector Examples 4
    • Vector Examples 5
    • Vectors with Calculators 1
    • Vectors with Calculators 2

    Parametric Equations