• The videos embedded below are provided to offer support for this course. They are in the following order.
    Attributes of Functions 
    • Attributes of Functions Graph 1 Part 1
    • Attributes of Functions Graph 1 Part 2
    • Attributes of Functions Graph 2
    Introduction to Limits
    Properties of Limits
    • Properties of Limits Part I
    • Properties of Limits Part II
    Limits Analytically
    • Limits Analytically Part I: Factoring
    • Limits Analytically Part II: Delta x
    • Limits Analytically Part III: Conjugates
    Vertical Asymptotes and One-Sided Limits 
    • Vertical Asymptotes Part I
    • Vertical Asymptotes Part II
    • Vertical Asymptotes Part III
    Horizontal and Oblique (Slant) Asymptotes (NotesAssignmentMixed Review)
    • Horizontal Asymptotes 1
    • Horizontal Asymptotes 2
    • Horizontal Asymptotes 3
    • Horizontal Asymptotes 4
    • Oblique Asymptotes 1
    • Oblique Asymptotes 2
    Formal Definition of Continuity (Assignment)
    Intermediate Value Theorem
    • For a really good, conceptual explanation of the Intermediate Value Theorem, google "Calculus Phobe."
    Attributes of Functions
    Properties of Limits
     Limits Analytically
     Vertical Asymptotes and One-Sided Limits
    Horizontal and Oblique (Slant) Asymptotes
    Formal Definition of Continuity