• Available Courses for 9th Graders

  • Core Classes

    • English I Honors or English I G/T (English)
    • Algebra I* (Math)
    • Biology I Honors (Science)
    • AP Human Geography (Social Studies)
    • Digital Media (CTE)

    ISA Electives

    Fine Arts

    Art I Honors (1 Credit)
    Art II Honors (1 Credit)


    Creative Writing (.5 Credit)
    Analysis of Visual Media (.5 Credit)

    World Languages

    Spanish I (1 Credit)
    Spanish II Honors (1 Credit)
    Spanish III Honors (1 Credit)

    Social Studies

    Sociology (.5 Credit)
    Ethnic Studies: Mexican American Studies (1 Credit)

Beyond the Classroom

ISA extends beyond the classroom walls. With our Travel Experiences, Model United Nations, and diverse extracurricular activities, students have unique opportunities to engage with the world, establishing a passion for international affairs.