• Our Partners and Connections

    ​​ISA recognizes the value of real-world connections in providing comprehensive international education. Our strong collaborations with businesses, universities, and institutions create learning opportunities beyond the classroom. These partnerships prepare students to excel in our modern global world.

  • Business Connections

    Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

    CIEE has been a partner with ISA since 2015 and offers ISA applicants access to 35 different summer exchange programs, spanning 3-4 weeks, which include access to need and merit-based financial support through their Global Navigators Program.

    Oak Hills Rotary Club

    Oak Hills Rotary Club supports the Interact Service Organization that provides service and community development opportunities for all ISA students.

  • Excellence through Collaboration

    Our industry partnerships open doors to invaluable real-world experiences for students. Collaborations allow students to apply classroom knowledge, collaborate with global experts, and gain insights shaping their futures. These connections maximize our commitment at ISA to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to positively impact the world.


  • University & International Collaborations

    Trinity University

    ISA is a Professional Development School partnered with Trinity University, bringing unique opportunities that enhance the educational experience.

    This partnership provides ISA with research-based instructional training, student seminars on diverse topics, use of Trinity facilities, and embedded Teaching Interns. These Interns work closely with Mentor Teachers starting before the year begins, gradually assuming more instructional responsibilities.

    In the spring, Interns take over as lead teachers for 6-9 weeks while supported by the Mentor Teacher and team. Strong relationships form between Interns and students. Numerous ISA staff have been hired after completing the Trinity program, a premier teacher preparation model.

    By integrating Trinity's resources into ISA's approach, this partnership enriches learning for all stakeholders through collaboration and real-world educator training.

    Ziehenschule Gymnasium der Stadt Frankfurt am Main

    Since 2015, Ziehenschule has been an international exchange partner and continues to participate in two-way homestay exchange between students and families.  Students immerse themselves in German life, experiencing both the vibrant classrooms and warm hospitality of local families. This unique opportunity grants them a firsthand glimpse into their culture while forging lasting friendships and memories.

    Takayama Nishi High School

    A longstanding international partner since 2001, the Takayama Nishi High School partnership allows students to get a glimpse into the lives of another culture via homestay exchange. Exploring the school environment and welcoming homes of their Japanese counterparts, students experience a deep understanding of Japanese life, creating bonds and expanding their global perspective.