• Academics at ISA form the foundation of every journey toward a successful future. We believe that a strong educational background is the key to unlocking a student’s potential when they are planning their future. Our innovative approach to global academics ensures that students are well-prepared for their future.

    Our academics go beyond standard knowledge acquisition by developing critical thinkers, compassionate collaborators, and inventive problem-solvers. The educational structure at ISA is designed to focus on each student's unique interests and strengths, helping them blossom into reflective life-long learners, empowered global leaders, and advocates of positive change. With opportunities for international learning, ISA enables students to discover their potential and thrive in our interconnected world.

    Our Curriculum

  • English Language Arts Program

    In a world increasingly interconnected, our globally-focused ELA program equips students to become both college-ready and globally competent. Through diverse texts and engaging activities, students delve into complex issues, analyze diverse perspectives, and hone their critical thinking skills. They learn to craft compelling arguments, harness technology for impactful presentations, and collaborate effectively across cultural boundaries. This journey culminates into action, as students establish informed positions on global challenges and advocate for change via language, multimedia, and personal reflection. This transformative experience stimulates empathy, critical awareness, and the confidence to navigate the complexities of the 21st century.
    Students develop their voices, wielding language and multimedia to advocate for their positions on global issues. Collaboration and reflection fuel this process, as they sharpen their arguments, learn from diverse viewpoints, and ultimately shape their own perspectives on the world. Due to this, ISA students step forward as confident communicators, ready to impact the 21st century and contribute meaningfully to a globalized world.

  • Mathematics Program

    Mathematics isn't just about formulas and equations; it's a way in which we understand and interact with the world. Our program nurtures curious minds who unravel global patterns by crafting questions based on real-world observations. Students then model these patterns using mathematical techniques, exploring diverse solutions and translating them into actionable steps. This cycle of inquiry allows students to connect the dots between mathematical concepts and global issues, supporting informed decision-making and advocacy for responsible solutions.

    Through mathematics, students articulate reasonings and explain complex concepts using both formal and informal language. Recognizing and building valid mathematical arguments becomes second nature, allowing them to analyze and evaluate proofs with critical thinking. Ultimately, ISA bridges the gap between mathematical knowledge and real-world application, becoming articulate and adaptable problem solvers who shape a brighter future through the power of numbers.

  • Global Leadership Program

    To promote students into global citizens, our curriculum transcends the confines of traditional education, unleashing knowledge across art, languages, history, and beyond. Immersing students in diverse perspectives and complex global issues through inquiry and analysis, students delve into the world's intricacies, generating knowledge and understanding humanity.

    Through our global leadership academics, ISA students refine their communication skills, learning to connect across cultures and collaborate effectively. They translate their understanding into concrete steps, enacting solutions and advocating for positive change on local, regional, and global scales. Ultimately, our globally-focused curriculum creates informed citizens ready to shape a brighter future for themselves and the world around them.

  • Science Program

    Science is about becoming an investigator at ISA, uncovering the mysteries of the world around us. Students dive into complex global phenomenons equipped with the vocabulary, symbols, and conventions of science. They learn to ask critical questions, formulate testable hypotheses, and design experiments that shed light on the intricate interplay between human actions and natural wonders.

    Students analyze data, identify patterns, and form connections that transcend borders. They learn to articulate their findings with clarity and conviction, using compelling data visualizations and precise scientific language. Their insights fuel responsible solutions, whether advocating for positive change locally or tackling global challenges with innovative ideas.

  • The Future is Bright

    We firmly believe that the key to success is a well-rounded educational foundation. By placing academics at the core of every student's journey towards their future, the innovative approach to global academics guarantees that students are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

    With access to international learning opportunities, the structure enables students to explore their potential and discover their role as global citizens. Through our academic programs, ISA provides the enriched education necessary for students to excel in college, career, and life.


  • World Language Program

    Our World Languages program unlocks the doors to diverse cultures because in today's interconnected world, fluency goes beyond words. Students learn to communicate effectively, expressing their thoughts and feelings with sensitivity and nuance. They engage in authentic dialogues, analyze diverse viewpoints, and present their findings in a way that recognizes and respects cultural contexts. This fluency empowers them to advocate for positive change, connect with communities across borders, and leave their mark on the world as reflective, constructive, and concerned citizens.

  • Arts Program

    The goal of the arts program is to understand the role of art in the world and use it to address issues of global significance. First, students investigate the world, finding inspiration for artworks that explore driving questions and themes. Next, by articulating diverse perspectives with dialogue and critical analysis, they recognize how experiences shape worldviews. To communicate ideas, students then create art for different audiences, learning how meaning comes across. Finally, students take action by translating conclusions into artistic expressions that raise awareness and advocate for improvement. Spanning from inquiry to impact, our arts education allows students to better comprehend global systems and challenges, while using creativity to connect with others across cultures.