Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Jackie Sandifer

Hello Garner Parents and Students ! I am excited to be apart of NEISD and Garner Middle School staff. I look forward to meeting you in my classroom or at a athletic events. Please, if you ever need to contact me do not hesitate to call or email me. My office number is 210-356-3859 or email me at  

Now to introduce myself.... My name is Jackie Sandifer or Coach Sandifer. I was born in San Antonio but raised in a small West Texas town. I went to College at Sul Ross State  University. I got my Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and went on to get my Master's Degree in School Counseling. After graduation, I received an offer to  Coach/Teach at Midland ISD and was there for eleven years. I was honored to coach pep-squad, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, and track. I was a Team Leader and taught Health for two years. I also taught and coached at Boerne ISD before I got the honor to be apart of NEISD and Garner Middle School. I live with my Family and one dog that is half yorkie/shitzu mix named Hope. I love to travel, read, and hang out with my family when I am not teaching/coaching. Again, I am so excited to get to know everyone this school year.  Go Blue!

P.E. Class Expectations 2021-2022







                         Coach Coleman                                                         356 - 3829

                         Coach Sandifer                                                            356 – 3859


    OUR MISSION: To provide each student the opportunity to participate in a variety of team sports, lifetime fitness activities, hand/eye coordination games, rhythmic activities, and various recreational/leisure sports in a safe and supportive environment.

     OUR GOAL: To increase students physical fitness levels and encourage students to gain a greater understanding of the value of lifetime wellness and physical activity. 


     Students must dress out daily in Garner P.E. uniforms only.  The uniform consists of a Garner royal blue mesh short and a gray Garner T-shirt. The cost is $20.00 for a set or $10.00 for an individual shirt, $10.00 for individual short.  Please let us know if you need any assistance purchasing a uniform. Additional uniforms may be purchased throughout the year as needed.  (Please make checks payable to Garner M.S.)


     Jackets (without hoodies) will be allowed outside on cold weather days.


    Students must have a written excuse from parent, guardian, or doctor to be excused from

     participating in P.E. activities.  If the time period exceeds three days, a note from a medical  

     doctor is required, specifying the time needed for recuperation.  Students will be required

    to dress unless the injury does not allow the student to change clothing.


    For maintaining good health and comfort, P.E. uniforms must be taken home and laundered

    each week.  Many students and parents have found that purchasing more than one uniform is more  

    convenient for maintaining clean PE clothes. Please let us know if at any time you need assistance.



    Facilities for showering are available for all students. We do encourage students to bring personal toiletries like deodorant or body wipes to keep in their locker.

     Students must bring their own towel for personal use. Towels should be taken home to be washed when used.                  


    Wastebaskets will be in the dressing room area.  Please use the trash cans and not the floor. Students will be held accountable for any graffiti or destruction of school property.


    No running, horse-playing, sitting on counters or standing on benches is allowed in the dressing room.

    Gum, candy, and food products are not permitted during class or in the gym facilities at any time.


    Valuables should be left at home. Coaches will not be responsible for any lost items. 

     Cell phones will be locked up unless they are being used for a PE lesson.

     Jewelry that could become a safety issue will need to be removed during class.


    Each student will be assigned a LOCKER with a LOCK for their personal belongings. Students are not permitted to share lockers or clothing.

     Lockers are for PE belongings ONLY! Everything else needs to be kept inside their backpacks!


    Student safety is a priority in all P.E. classes; therefore, students must follow all directions and rules for each game and activity.

     Students will be respectful to coaches and other students.

     Sportsmanship is always expected

     Student behavior and conduct in P.E. is consistent with the school and district policies as outlined in the Garner Student Handbook.



    Students are to report any injuries that occur during P.E. class to their Coach before they go to their next class.


    GRADING PROCEDURES: Students are expected to dress and participate daily for their grade.

                                                            30%   PROPERLY DRESSED OUT

                                                            50%   PARTICIPATION

                                                            20%   ASSESSMENTS



    If at any time a parent/guardian has a question regarding their child’s participation in P.E., please call or email us. EMAIL IS THE FASTEST WAY TO REACH US!



    • AGENDAS will be used for communication.
    • We ask for your help to make sure your student comes prepared to class every day.
    • Students will call home if they DO NOT dress out after the first warning or if participation in class activities becomes a persistent issue.




    DISTRICT INITIATIVES:  All physical education students will participate in the Fitnessgram physical fitness assessment. Components tested will include the following: PACER (cardiovascular endurance); HT/WT (used to calculate BMI); CURL-UPS AND PUSH-UPS (muscular strength/endurance); and SHOULDER STRETCH and TRUNK LIFT (flexibility). 


    All 7th and 8th Grade students also could participate in the Human Sexuality and Abstinence curriculum:  Draw the Line/Respect the Line. The 6th grade curriculum is offered through their required semester of Health. This curriculum is optional and requires parents to sign a permission slip.  A parent preview will be held in early October and the permission slips will follow (all permission slips must be returned indicating yes or no). * Due to the sensitivity of topics within Draw the Line/Respect the Line these lessons will not be taught remotely. Additional information will be provided later.