• Garner Athletics promotes the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well-being of our athletes. We encourage all 7th and 8th grade students to participate in the variety of sports we offer here at Garner.

    Our athletes will learn the fundamentals, such as team play, rules, training, and basic skills. We also emphasize the importance of academics, sportsmanship, chemical-free lifestyle, dedication, and emotional growth. Please take a look at the section below to see the sports we offer at Garner.


    2022 Coaches

    Front: T. Rocheleau, B. Patmor, S. Arellano, M. Ojeda, J. Rogers

    Middle: R. Smith, S. Levings, E. Coleman, J. Keith, J. Moreno, Z. Brune

    Back: J. Lopez, M. Rodriguez, J. Meschwitz, K. Bridges, J. Sandifer

    Not Pictured: E. Garcia


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