Father Daughter Traditions #theNEISDway

Posted by Amy Reasons Copes on 10/1/2018 11:15:00 AM

"My dad, Joe Reasons, started his teaching and coaching career in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In 1981, when he got a job as a coach and teacher at Jackson Middle School, our family moved from Michigan to San Antonio. I went to Larkspur Elementary School for 3rd grade, and I still remember riding the bus to Blossom Athletic Center once a week for the PE swimming unit. That alone helped me realize San Antonio might not be so bad.

​After Larkspur, I attended Stahl Elementary School and Wood Middle School, before graduating from Madison High School. During this time, my dad worked at a private school as well as at San Antonio ISD, but then he ultimately found his way back “home.” He was an assistant principal at Churchill High School while I was going to Madison and I used to give him a hard time about not wearing Madison colors at the football games. He would just laugh and say, “Amy, don’t forget Churchill pays the bills.” I will never forget when Madison played Churchill in football my senior year. I walked out of the house to drive to school, and saw my car windows painted with Churchill colors and, “Go Chargers!” all over it. That made for an interesting morning in the school parking lot.

​Dad eventually became the Principal at Nimitz Middle School. Then he went back to Churchill for 10 years as the Principal, before moving over to central office to become Executive Director of School Administration. While he was working on all of that, I graduated from Abilene Christian University, and eventually came back to my roots. I am proud to say that not only am I a product of NEISD, but I also have the privilege of leading the next generation of NEISD students. I am currently the Principal at Longs Creek Elementary School, and still get chills when I see our future Mavericks excited on game days. I even found a special spot in my office for my Dollie letter jacket.

​When I moved back to San Antonio, I knew I wanted to live where my children would attend NEISD. My hope is some day they will also have memories like those that I have, because I cannot imagine an education for me or for my children without NEISD." --Amy Reasons Copes


Reasons Family

Reasons Family

Amy Reasons at Madison

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